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How It Works

Digitize Document Exchange

Epicor Supplier Portal digitizes document exchange for supplier communities, providing automated, real-time, web-based communication, regardless of location. The single portal lets you view and respond to documents and status details for all sourcing requests.

  • Stay informed about supply chain activity via Web-based analytics
  • Get alerts about unexpected or non-compliant supplier actions

Manage Compliance Effectively

Compliance management can help track and grade suppliers’ performance. It also helps keep suppliers accountable, enabling them to receive purchase orders immediately, ship the right product at the right time, and submit invoices to get paid more quickly.   

  • Help suppliers increase effectiveness and efficiency
  • Improve business relationships with suppliers

Onboard Suppliers Easily

Epicor makes it easy to onboard suppliers. We do the work for you, minimizing the need for IT intervention and providing services for recruiting and professional support.


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