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Make the World Better with EpicGiving

See the world not as it is, but as it should be. This one quote defines literally everything about me – how I treat other people and the way I work, communicate, and, of course, volunteer. It probably defines you as well, because volunteering for different causes is now getting to be more essential for more and more people. With the growth of general awareness in people’s minds (be it about ecology, blood donations, educational gaps, poverty, etc.), we want to do better and act bigger, and that’s how we all know that we are human.

I have been a volunteer for various human rights and charity organizations since I was a kid – now it is one aspect of my life that I can not do without. I moved to Moscow from Saint Petersburg a couple of years ago, there I was active in the volunteer community and had everything figured out for me. But here I felt sincerely lost, I was trying to find the right fit for me in different organizations – but nothing was quite the thing. I knew what the most pressing issue for me was – helping homeless people – but there was nothing available in Moscow (nothing that provided complex assistance, at least). Then I learned that a Saint Petersburg charity organization that worked with the issue of homelessness was opening a branch in Moscow. I was literally dancing for joy once I got that email at a team building event with my Content Development team and our managers. I instantly applied to be their volunteer – and I was literally the only one for a couple of months, to be honest – and I finally felt content. It wasn’t long before I learned that Epicor also has so much more to say about volunteering as well, which, of course, is EpicGiving.

Epicor brought the whole concept of EpicGiving to me last winter – and it happened in a much bigger way than I could imagine. Winter holidays were coming close, and the charity I volunteered for was organizing their annual event – people in Moscow were asked to bring some small, but essential things like toothpaste, socks, soap, warm gloves, tea and cookies, etc., so that we could make a couple of hundreds gift sets and give them to the homeless people (each gift bag would consist of the same set of things, they were listed on the website and in the partner shops).I decided to create our own office point where we’d gather those things as well. Who knew the support from my Epicor colleagues would be that outpouring? Definitely not me. We had only a couple of weeks, and people kept bringing goods, some colleagues gave me money (sometimes really big amounts) so I could buy whatever was required. One of my colleagues even carefully made her own gift set that had all the things from the list (there were 20+ things there), packed it in a nice bag and gave it to me with the warmest wishes to whoever would get it. That was so thoughtful and touching that the event organizers still remember that kind act and remind me of it nearly every time I see them. Eventually, our Moscow office gathered one fourth of the whole required volume. I was excited and grateful beyond words, and I knew then – that was EpicGiving.

EpicGiving is such an inspiring initiative. Around the world, Epicor employees donate their time, efforts, empathy, and money to countless organizations and charities. It’s all over the place – helping children and teenagers in need, providing help for the homeless, collecting donations and participating in local Pride marches, working in local food banks, supporting relief and recovery efforts for natural disasters, volunteering for local veterans’ organizations, you name it. Every time I see an #epicgiving post, it makes me feel extremely proud and happy, because there is nothing more valuable in people than their ability to empathize to others. The holiday season is upon us – there’s no greater time to create miracles with our own hands. Let’s join our efforts and try to make this world a better place – EpicGiving sets a perfect example for all of us. Because if not us, then who?  

Eugenia Butusova

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