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Serve every customer channel, anywhere in Salesforce

We don’t just lob over some data to your CRM, we provide in-depth integration to every critical pillar of the Salesforce platform

Accelerate profits with powerful selling and manufacturing automation

Complement your Salesforce instance with rules, visualization, website embedding, and CAD automation built for manufacturing and eCommerce.

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Success Stories

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How does Epicor CPQ optimize CPQ for Salesforce?

Collage image of the Epicor CPQ software working in different devices: a desktop computer, a laptop, a tablet and a smartphone

Accelerate profits with dynamic, visual selling

Boost your conversion rates by allowing your sales reps or end buyers visually configure and price products real-time in 3D or 2D.

Control your product options and logic easily

Epicor CPQ Snap rules are easy to set-up and maintain, allowing for simple to complex logic for product configuration, pricing, quoting.

Collage image of the Epicor CPQ software, with a TuffShed shed visual configuration
Collage image of the Epicor CPQ software, displaying  a crank visual configuration

Close the loop between your most critical teams

Connect and streamline your sales, engineering, back-office, and manufacturing processes.

 A Salesforce Integrated Solution to Help Companies Sell More, Faster eBook

A Salesforce Integrated Solution to Help Companies Sell More, Faster

With the new technology available in this fourth industrial revolution, customer expectations regarding the buying experience are changing as well. Customers expect a superior and hands-on experience with a timely response rate and an easy way to complete their purchase, no matter what type of product they’re buying.

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