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Retail eCommerce & Omnichannel

A consistent, complete solution for connecting with retail customers wherever and whenever they shop.

Investing in Omnichannel Gives Shoppers Choices in Challenging Times

Today’s retail is dynamic, wide-reaching, and connected—successful retailers meet their customers where they are: online, at home, or in-store. Epicor for Retail helps you extend your storefront while streamlining operations and driving results:

• Update or launch your eCommerce website quickly and easily
• Engage new customers, providing 24/7 efficiency, value, and access
• Use data-driven solutions to manage inventory across physical and online stores
• Get the big picture of your logistics, pricing, and payment capabilities across all channels

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Exceed Customer Expectations

As consumers face more retail choices, they expect the online and in-store experiences of any business to be unified and accessible. Smart businesses know that offering the customer a variety of ways to access merchandise means increased opportunity for purchases—critical during times of economic uncertainty.

Omnichannel retail means expanding your horizons beyond bricks-and-mortar and a website. With Epicor retail solutions, you can add or enhance eCommerce, online promotions, and other capabilities at a pace that works for you, with the personalized support you need.

  • Offer safe, convenient services like Buy Online/Pickup or Return in Store, Curbside Pickup, Local Delivery, and more
  • Add loyalty programs, promotions, and store gift cards across all locations and online channels
  • Ensure a fast, secure checkout, with flexible payment options
  • This year, we had three of our biggest days in sales ever. I attribute a large part of that success to [Epicor Eagle].”
  • Jessica Bettencourt
  • Klem's Tractor

Integrate POS and eCommerce

Epicor Retail Solutions let you link your POS with new or existing eCommerce platforms for easy inventory and pricing management—all in one place.  This seamless integration makes inventory maintenance easier and improves data accuracy at every stage of the transaction.

  • Keep inventory and pricing in sync across physical and online stores
  • Integrate your POS with WooCommerce, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, or another eCommerce platform you already use
  • Expand your web presence by leveraging existing online marketplaces like Amazon
  • Improve online product selection by with third-party data feeds and online catalog integration
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Rewarding Loyalty, Building Trust

Businesses that use online channels to invite customers into the physical store, while continuing to provide the level of ease and convenience customers expect, often have higher omnichannel conversion rates than those relying solely on digital selling. Digital receipts, contactless payment, and eStatements provide the speed and convenience customers expect, while mobile lookup and price checker give them instant access to product information at the in-store point of sale.

  • Accept on-account payments more quickly—and securely—online
  • Provide convenient after-hours access to customer account information
  • Reduce costs by eliminating printing and mailing of invoices and statements

Through mindful integration of the right technology solution, retailers can anticipate customer needs, strengthen their brand, and instill confidence that the store will have what shoppers want, when they want it—while remaining lean and efficient.

Learn the many ways omnichannel retail can work for your business.

Epicor for Retail solutions empower you to do business better.

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Epicor for Retail provides productivity solutions to local and specialty retailers in nearly 8,000 locations across North America and the Caribbean. We’ve been building enduring relationships with our customers for 50 years. Find out how to streamline and optimize your business today.