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The Challenges

TuffShed Success Story

Tuff Shed’s existing quote to cash solution provided no shelter

Tuff Shed was stuck with a custom developed configurator that could not be easily maintained or leveraged to support their entire design and quote process.

Tuff Shed’s custom solution allowed for product configuration, but lacked a robust rules engine to enforce good practices. Working with data from key systems like Salesforce, their ERP, or CAD platform was out of the question, and to get engineering drawings and estimates to customers took days or weeks.

Manual workflows were hurting sales and production

Tuff Shed’s sales reps were forced to ask the customer every question around customizing their structure. It was a huge time investment that required a lot of back-and-forth communications.

After talking with the customer, the sales person would crudely draw a picture of the customer’s shed on a piece of paper, and give it to manufacturing. Obviously, the poor quality and lack of standards meant the sales person had trouble translating what the customer wanted, into what manufacturing could actually understand and deliver.

TuffShed Success Story

The Solution: The Epicor CPQ + Salesforce quote to cash solution

Tuff Shed boosted their deal close rates by 5% across all channels after introducing omnichannel selling

Tuff Shed’s product configurators serve over 500 internal users, 2,000 Home Depot channel users, and 4,000+ daily website users