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Switching from Infor to Epicor for Manufacturing

Discover why manufacturers like you are making the move to Epicor’s market-leading industry productivity solutions.

Time to Move to Epicor

You chose Infor, but now you know it was the wrong choice. They’re too big and the software feels like it’s weighing your business down. Their systems are complex and slow to load, and the product demos and poor service are no help. You’ve realized they just don’t understand your sector or your needs.

That’s why so many manufacturers are now switching to Epicor. We understand mid-market manufacturers, and know exactly what you need. Our solutions are intuitive and easy to learn, enabling you to move logically from screen to screen. Our service and support are expert, responsive and highly personal.

Why Manufacturers Choose Us

We Do Discrete Manufacturing Better

Epicor for Manufacturing solutions are built for your sector. Unlike Infor and other competitors, we know which features and functionality you’ll need – today and tomorrow. From bill-of-materials, to shipping modules, built-in engineer-to-order solutions, and many more, we’ve got you covered.

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It’s An Epicor World

Our solutions are managed and supported by experts who speak your language and understand your specific needs. It’s global meets local, and it works. That’s why we’re trusted by more than 27,000 businesses worldwide, including major global brands.


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We’d love to tell you more about why switching to Epicor makes better sense than sticking with Infor. Why not get in touch with our sales team today?

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