Epicor ERP 10.2.600

These are the highlights of what’s new in version 10.2.600. Read our press release for more details. For complete release information, go to the latest release page in EpicWeb.

Staying current with technology helps ensure your organization is competitive. Adopting the latest compliance and security updates can also help you reduce risks. Epicor ERP plans for new releases every 6 months. That means there may be new capabilities for users twice a year. We are excited to show you what's new in the latest release of Epicor ERP.

Epicor Kinetic Design
Epicor continues to deliver advancements for greater ease of use with an intuitive, modern, and predictable user experience. The latest release of Epicor ERP delivers more applications built on the Kinetic Design framework including reports, processes, and trackers.  Additionally, this release introduces Epicor Applications Studio for building and maintaining modifications in Epicor ERP.

Epicor Collaborate
Rich engagement and productivity drive worker satisfaction. As we look to connect remote and siloed workers and engage them with rich ERP data, new business efficiencies emerge.  This simple to use and implement solution drives immediate business value.

Epicor Quality Management System
Introducing Epicor Quality Management System (QMS), powered by ETQ Reliance®.  Epicor introduces an industry-leading QMS solution for use with Epicor ERP.  Meeting the requirements across key industries and highly regulatory requirements are met.

Epicor Advanced Project Management
Extend the functionality and flexibility of the Project Management module. This new solution helps address the challenges of contract management and multifaceted projects, including projects, contracts, claims, subcontractors, variations, and revenue recognition.

New Cloud Offerings
We are introducing new cloud data centers in Germany to better support cloud solutions worldwide.  Also, a new offering for distributed businesses offers regional cloud instances that are highly integrated, offering expanded visibility.  Works for cloud to cloud and cloud to on-premise deployments.

Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) Express
Epicor Commerce Connect (ECC) Express is a new eCommerce offering designed for businesses that need an immediate way to improve productivity, offer quality online experiences, and stay connected to their valued customers and suppliers and stands up in as little as 5 days.

EDI for Epicor
Introducing powerful EDI solutions from 1 EDI Source, a recent acquisition for Epicor ERP users.

AR Centralized Collections
Centralizing collections across business units to a single location offers new efficiencies and control over collections and cash management.

Epicor Cash Collect 4.2
Introducing new modules in Epicor Cash Collect including, Customer Portal, Communications Assistant, Document Creation, and Advanced Workflow.

Epicor for Manufacturing

Thousands of small to midsize manufacturers rely on Epicor software to help them grow and scale. Used in more than 100 countries and 30 languages, Epicor ERP empowers manufacturers to streamline and standardize global operations. Epicor Advanced MES is gathering data from over 15,000 in 24 countries. And world-class EDI solutions are helping our customers meet the mounting demand for supply chain efficiency and transparency.