Epicor Rentals Management

Fact Sheet

In today’s distribution market, it’s imperative to offer additional value-added services to your customers. Renting equipment can represent an additional revenue stream opportunity. Epicor Rentals Management is a cloud-based rental software solution, designed specifically for wholesale distributors, that can help grow your business margins. 

Solution Benefits

Epicor Rentals Management enables you to efficiently offer product rentals to your customers through an integrated solution:

  • Efficiently process rental transactions
  • Eliminate the need for a standalone rental solution
  • Strengthen customer loyalty by providing product in new ways, with more value


Epicor Rentals Management is fully integrated to Prophet 21, eliminating the manual processes required from having a separate business system and rental software. Main features include:

  • Powerful capabilities to manage the scheduling and assignment process
  • Flexible options to design pricing
  • Flexible utilization based on day, week, month, mileage, hours used, and more
  • Simple contract maintenance




  • In partnership with: Point of Rental
  • Compatible with: Prophet 21