Epicor Mobile Warehouse

Automation on your shop floor is the key to improving processing time, increasing accuracy, and reducing errors. Pair it with a modern, intuitive handheld application that makes the job easier and faster, and the result is a completely streamlined operation. Epicor Mobile Warehouse is our next-generation handheld application for warehouse and distribution functions.

Solution Benefits

Epicor Mobile Warehouse brings a great improvement in user experience as it’s aligned with our mobile strategy:

  • Modern and intuitive application
  • Compatible with the latest scanning devices running on Android 5 or higher
  • Completely integrated with Kinetic (new name for Epicor ERP)


Epicor Mobile Warehouse optimizes the workflow for fast and accurate scanning. Main features include:

  • Complex sort and filter options
  • Part level validation
  • Bin level validation
  • Configurable scan validation
  • Shortcut to favorites
  • Automated workflows triggered by scan events





  • In partnership with: BISCIT
  • Compatible with Kinetic