SecturaSOFT software solutions, comprised of SecturaFAB, SecturaMILL, and SecturaPAQ, address the historically tedious, inefficient, and often inaccurate process of creating estimates and customer quotes for customers of metal fabricators and other types of manufacturers.  SecturaSOFT solutions utilize nesting logic and CAD/CAM renderings to drastically speed up the estimating and quoting process.  Instead of taking days using multiple, independent sources for information, SecturaSOFT centralizes the process within one single platform, automatically drawing upon data from CAD, ERP, and CRM systems.  This optimized process allows for quicker turnaround times for estimates and quotes, equating to a higher win rate with customer bids.

Solution Benefits

SecturaSOFT solutions (and user interfaces) are easy to operate, affording new hires a fast learning process.  Integration with Kinetic allows all relevant data for estimates and quotes to flow directly from the ERP right into SecturaFAB, eliminating the need to pull data from outside sources.

  • Nesting Estimation: nesting logic for building quotes in seconds
  • Work Order Integration: easily utilize previously-stored geometry to make a quote into a work order
  • 5-Axis Machining: custom tooling-setup for complex machining quotes
  • Material Integration: pull in materials data straight from your ERP


SecturaFAB is the estimating/quoting tool for manufacturers industries such as metal fabrication. SecturaMILL is the tool aimed at machining clients.  The SecturaPAQ tool is aimed at packaging clients.  The automated estimating and quoting process allows Operations Managers to streamline multiple processes that lead to quicker and more accurate quotes/bids, which lead to higher bid win rates, leading to increased revenue. SecturaSOFT  tools are also extremely user-friendly, allowing for an easy learning  curve when training new users.





In partnership with SecturaSOFT

  • Integration with Kinetic
  • Deep industry experience in nesting logic and tools
  • 7+ years in the fabrication industry
  • Based in Cincinnati, OH