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GS Global Resources

Fluid power distributor increases revenues and efficiency with Epicor Prophet 21 Solution

Established in 1972 and based in New Berlin, Wisconsin, GS Global Resources is a distributor of fluid power and electro-hydraulic equipment and electronic components. Primarily serving industrial and mobile equipment manufacturers- including large firms in the forestry and mining industries-the company employs about 115 people, and sells more than $65 million in services and supplies annually.

"With Prophet 21 solution, we've grown our business by at least 25 percent without any increases in staff. We process transactions more efficiently, and can pull just about any information we need very easily."

John Thornton
President | GS Global Resources

Recognizing the need to run a lean operation in order to stay competitive, GS Global Resources selected Epicor Prophet 21 solution as its enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution in 2002. "You have to maintain efficiency to keep your costs in line and avoid the expenses of rework," says John Thornton, President of GS Global Resources. Epicor Prophet 21 solution helps the company effectively manage costs and streamline operations-ensuring competitive prices and healthy profit margins.

"With Prophet 21 solution, we've grown our business by at least 25 percent without any increases in staff," Thornton states. "We process transactions more efficiently, and can pull just about any information we need very easily. Access to data has allowed us to create dozens of reports and databases to analyze and improve company performance. Prophet 21 solution cuts the manual processing involved in a lot of tasks tenfold-we get meaningful reports in minutes, instead of hours."

Improved processes and customer delivery

About 65 percent of GS Global Resources' revenue comes from custom assemblies. Previously, tracking bills of materials (BOMs) for these assemblies was a daunting task, involving three separate databases. Employees kept engineering and computer-aided design BOMs in one database, pricing information in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and other, separate BOMs in the company's business system. "Things got really confusing with the triple data entry," Thornton admits. "And we lost money on many occasions because price updates didn't automatically transfer from one location to another."

Epicor Prophet 21 solution enabled the company to consolidate its databases. "Because Prophet 21 solution has an open infrastructure, we can link to BOM information," observes Thornton. "We've effectively cut three databases down to one. Incorporating Promise Dates has improved our On-Time Delivery, by addressing internal and external issues that were affecting our processes and customer delivery."

Before moving to Epicor Prophet 21 solution, Thornton could always predict when service levels would suffer. "When business was up, it seemed inevitable: people would call with more complaints," he says. "We were pinched, and had to do things faster."

With Epicor Prophet 21 solution, customer issues were reduced considerably, despite the 25 percent increase in business. "The system helps us get the right products out the door at the right time," notes Thornton. "That keeps customers happy-and keeps employees focused on driving revenue instead of correcting mistakes."

Better inventory turns

The solution has also improved GS Global Resources' inventory management. "Prophet 21 solution has given us the ability to identify slow and fast-moving items. We've redeployed our assets into areas that were neglected before, and avoid replenishing slow movers," Thornton says. "When it comes right down to it, it's pretty simple: Prophet 21 solution lets us determine what we need and what we don't need." As a result, turns have increased by about 15 percent.

Concludes Thornton, "Our last ERP system stunted our growth. We chose Epicor Prophet 21 solution because we wanted to grow-and a solution that would grow with us. So far, it's evident that we made the right choice."

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Company Facts


  • Help a Wisconsin fluid power distributor increase sales and better manage inventory and information.



  • Increased revenues by 25 percent without added labor expenses
  • Saved 2,000 hours per year as a result of database consolidation
  • Improved inventory turns by 15 percent
  • Fast access to meaningful reports for analyzing and improving company performance

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