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Armstrong Garden Centers Epicor Eagle AP Assist

Armstrong Garden Centers is the largest independent retail nursery company in the U.S. The company wanted to streamline daily accounts payable (AP) processes and decided to implement the Epicor Eagle AP Assist solution to easily record and process vendor invoices.

"We decided to implement the Epicor Eagle AP Assist application to speed up invoice processing, keep current with our processing volume, and grow the business without the incremental department costs.”

Josh Harvey
Information Systems Manager, Armstrong Garden Centers

“We run a centralized accounts payable department of 12 people that manage hundreds of accounts,” said Josh Harvey, information systems manager, Armstrong Garden Centers. “The AP department relies on the stores receiving in a timely fashion and completing the paperwork to keep everything moving down the line. It has traditionally been a slow process that requires many labor hours and significant cost. Previously, the AP staff got information from two sources-the stores receiving purchase orders and sending that paperwork to the office.”

“In our business, especially with the live plant goods, we have the opportunity to reject low-quality product at receiving which leads to short receiving a PO occasionally,” Harvey continued. “We also get invoices from vendors as they're doing their billing in various ways-some come in every day, some weekly or monthly, and it also depends on the size of the vendor. As our two data sources come in, we would match up the receiving documentation against the vendor invoice in an old school paper format. From there, they'd start working through those sets in the system, and then it would move down the line to be paid. It was a time-consuming process.”

“We decided to implement the Epicor Eagle AP Assist application to speed up invoice processing, keep current with our processing volume, and grow the business without the incremental department costs,” recalled Harvey. “Using AP Assist, we hope to take weeks off of our invoice processing practices. We no longer have to manually input invoices and link them to purchase orders-it's done automatically as long as it meets our threshold requirements. Less manual data entry means fewer errors. AP Assist is a great solution that helps us to process invoices faster, be more efficient, and it will also remove busy work from our AP staff desks-allowing them to focus on other vital business tasks.”

Secure cloud storage

Storage of AP documents has traditionally been a resource- and time-consuming procedure. With AP Assist, storing images in a secure cloud-based document system provides full access and management capabilities.

“The cloud storage capability within AP Assist will be extremely valuable for our business,” said Harvey. “We spend a lot of time and money on filing and storing AP documents-generating truckloads of paper that go with all of our accounts. Currently, we have full onsite and offsite storage units, and all of that storage takes effort and money-not to mention that it's really difficult to find documents after they've been filed. Now, with AP Assist cloud storage, we'll be able to search the vendor, specific timeframe, and access the documentation right at our fingertips. Document research will be easy, organized, and quick to obtain scanned AP documents-all held in a secure, cloud-based document management system.”


Armstrong Garden Centers


Company Facts Overview


  • Lacked streamlined AP processes
  • Vendor invoice management was inefficient



  • Sped up invoice processing and reduced errors with automatic inputting
  • Remained current with processing volume
  • Grew the business without incremental department costs
  • Expected to take weeks off of invoice processing practices
  • Provided quick access to organized and easy-to-find scanned AP documents with cloud-based document management system

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