2019 Global Growth Index Now Available

Curious about what technology your peers are investing in, how they ensure ROI, or what the most important factors are to their success?

Find out now in the third annual Epicor Global Growth Index.

We Surveyed 2,390 Globally

The annual Epicor Global Growth Index measures the state of global business growth year-over-year in the manufacturing, distribution, and retail industries.

Every year, we survey thousands of leaders from around the world about key factors in their business growth, potential barriers to success, technology in which they plan to invest, and more. The 2019 edition saw 2,390 participants.

Trends and Emerging Technologies That Impact Your Business

This year, we discovered that while growth has continued year-over-year, the overall rate has slowed down. Geopolitical and economic factors play a role, but the bigger issue is the oft-discussed skilled labor shortage.

We also found that companies are prioritizing IT investment in order to both achieve future growth and attract a skilled workforce.

This Year's Key Insights

  • 84% view cloud investment as a key component in their overall growth strategy
  • 21% believe the main obstacle preventing companies from adopting new technologies is a lack of understanding outside the IT function
  • 37% of respondents in the APAC region were familiar with the concept of a connected enterprise—compared to just 21% in both the EMEA region and the Americas
  • 23% are struggling to recruit new talent

Discover more trends and how your peers plan to take advantage of them in the 2019 Global Growth Index Summary Report.

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