Engage customers directly with powerful 2D/3D visualization

Bring your products to life and boost conversions with our smart visual configurator

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Choose a lining color
Choose a lace option
Midsole Topline
Choose a midsole topline color
Choose a midsole color
Enter a name to personalize your shoe
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Sell your products visually and grow your sales

Epicor CPQ provides 2D, 3D, and AR product visualization that dynamically changes product previews, options, and pricing in real-time as users select different options.

Immerse users in a responsive 3D experience

With Epicor CPQ, customers and end buyers can interact with lifelike visuals of your products on-screen. Seeing is believing–there’s no better way to educate your customers and instill confidence in a purchase.

When simplicity is key, work in 2D

A lean 2D visual experience is a more effective way to sell fast and communicate the features of certain products. Having fewer distractions focuses users’ attention. Cut through the noise with quick, no-frills configuration that benefits from Epicor CPQ's core features, including Epicor CPQ Snap, hot spots, and drag and drop.

Embed Your Configurator Into Your Website to Enable Self-Serve

Epicor CPQ is the only visual CPQ solution that lets you embed a product configurator into your website. Empower your end buyers to self-serve from anywhere, configuring, pricing, quoting, and even purchasing without relying on your sales team.

Unify Manufacturing & Sales Using CPQ Technology

This buyer’s guide was put together specifically to help manufacturers define the base set of requirements to succeed with Epicor CPQ, and identify the ‘features to look for’ in best-in-class Epicor CPQ solutions. The guide provides a clear vision for manufacturers looking to digitally transform their organization with Epicor CPQ, and flourish in an ever-growing and highly competitive market that is demanding this new buying model.

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