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The visual configurator for complex products

Our product configurator combines 3D visualization with real-time quoting, CAD automation, and a no-code rules engine. Selling complex configurable products has never been so easy.

Why 10,000+ Customers Use Epicor CPQ

Reason #1

Our Visual Product Configurator Increases Conversions by 40%

Physically based rendering (PBR), rich texture layers, and lightning-fast change processing produce Pixar-quality visualizations of your products and settings. Seeing is believing for customers–there’s no better way to educate and sell your products both on and offline. 

Reason #2

Anybody Can Use Our No-Code Rules Engine

Non-technical employees can use Epicor CPQ Snap to create the rules that drive configurators and workflows. Launch new products faster and accomplish complex tasks without paying for external support.

Reason #3

Pricing and Quoting Automation Increases Sales by 168%

Calculate prices and auto-generate quotes in real-time, empowering your customers to make on-the-spot purchase decisions. Shrink your sales cycle to seconds and eliminate errors for good.

Reason #4

CAD Automation Transforms Engineers Into Innovators

Automate the creation of CAD models, drawings, BOMs, and production documents to save valuable engineering time. Give salespeople greater autonomy and let engineers focus on innovation.

Learn why 2,000,000+ unique users choose Epicor CPQ each year

Success Stories

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Epicor CPQ Partners

We partner with leading software vendors and experts in technology, CAD automation and implementation to support your Epicor CPQ transformation success.


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