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We Understand Private Equity

For nearly two decades, Epicor leaders have partnered with private equity to deliver growth, improve operations and ultimately deliver on an investment thesis.

Industry Focus

If your portfolio companies make, move, or sell essentials that keep the world turning, we already share a deep commitment to your industries. That mutual focus is essential to maximizing returns.

Unmatched Expertise

We know how your industry operates and how to apply technology to achieve business outcomes. We're here to translate, facilitate, and help align financial goals and operations at scale.

Operational Rigor

We understand the challenges of expeditiously driving growth with bottom-line discipline on compressed timelines to maximize capital efficiencies across your platforms. Vertical industry applications efficiently support operational modernization and drive alpha.

Keep it Nimble. Keep it Profitable. Keep it Efficient.

Our collaborative approach and deep industry expertise help you create more value at scale, within your timeline constraints. If there's a way to free up working capital by creating supply chain efficiencies across your portfolio, we'll show you how. If accelerating your time-to-market for a few key products will increase shareholder value, we'll help you do it. Epicor is here to help identify and execute on opportunities to deliver operational efficiencies and outsized business value across your investment horizons.

A Half-Century of Expertise

No one can match our experience. Epicor solutions have powered businesses through five decades of evolution and change, and our commitment to innovation and agility has only grown. We're recognized as a Visionary by Gartner and a Leader by Nucleus Research. We invest in our platforms, embrace emerging technology, and acquire best-in-class companies, all to deliver ultimate value to customers and partners in our focus industries.

We Understand What Matters to You

As operating partners, we know that you need timely visibility into your portcos for oversight and support. Value is delivered across multiple dimensions from business process improvements to systems modernizations and synergistic extensions of offerings. All are bounded by aggressive timelines to improve the businesses and drive MOIC within the ideal investment horizon. And that’s just the beginning. Our best-in-class dashboards and analytics provide line of sight so that you can monitor consolidated performance across your platforms. Our industry-specific expertise and functionality supports business transformations, reducing related risks and optimizing TVPI.

The Industry ERP Cloud

Our customers have a choice of deployment strategies. Increasingly, they choose cloud because it helps them do all of this.

Leadership With Decades of PE Experience

Let's Talk
We could go on, but we’d rather connect and understand the goals and priorities for your industry portfolio. If you’re dedicated to the industries where our professionals have focused for decades, then we’d like to evaluate being your partner. Feel free to fill out this form, give us a call at 1-888-994-3434 or shoot us an email at
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